Articles In This Month's Issue: February 2007


Serving Constituents, Saving Dollars:The Cost-Reduction Potential of Constituent Relationship Management Feb07GFR
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The service delivery and process efficiencies that can be gained from a CRM system can increase a government's savings beyond the hard-dollar savings from call center consolidation.
Shayne C. Kavanagh

Consortium Buying: Best Practices for Local Government Implementations
Three Texas cities successfully used a consortium model to purchase and operate technology,which individually they could not afford.
Monte Mercer and Alex Kaplan

Dollars and Sense on Muni Wireless
As more and more locations explore citywide Wi-Fi coverage,finance officers must be able to evaluate the potential risks and rewards of various models to provide this new technology.
Becca Vargo Daggett
The Need for Financial Leadership in IT Asset Management
Computer hardware and software are among the costliest and least well managed assets that governments possess. Software licensing introduces high financial risk.So how does the finance officer avoid the risk and save taxpayer funds in the process?
Robert Meehan

Sym·bi·o·sis. Sym·me·try. Syn·er·gy: The Case for Interlocal Cooperation
Interjurisdictional cooperation is becoming more common,but there are pros and cons. Evaluating cooperative initiatives should begin with a thorough and clear-cut feasibility study addressing the concerns of all parties.
William Arthur Holdsworth