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Needs Assessment/Business Case Analysis. Prior to embracing integrated financial management systems, the RCC assists a government’s transition by conducting a needs assessment to evaluate an organization’s current system, identify alternatives, and, based upon its analysis, provide viable options.The primary tasks in this effort are:

  • Functionality assessment,
  • Technology assessment,
  • Best practice and market research,
  • Business case analysis, and
  • The needs assessment report


RFP Development/Business Requirements Definition. Following a needs assessment report, the RCC works with a government to develop a set of functional and system-wide requirements that the new systems meet. Additionally, the RCC will assist in developing a comprehensive RFP that the government will release to the marketplace.


Vendor Proposal Evaluation. Once RFP proposal responses are received, the RCC consultants develop a step-by-step evaluation plan to review and assess the major strengths and weaknesses of each vendor response. Working with a core evaluation team from the government client, an RCC evaluation supports the government’s decision to elevate vendor proposals to future stages of consideration, including vendor demonstrations and interviews.


Contract Negotiations Support. With little to no technology contract experience, governments face a significant disadvantage during contract negotiations with software vendors that have negotiated contracts many times over. In order to bridge the experience gap, the RCC has developed a unique competitive contracting methodology that supports a government’s procurement and legal team with the development of software license and implementation services agreements.


Implementation Advisory Services. The implementation of integrated technologies can be a challenging and complex endeavor. The RCC consulting staff can help organizations manage the implementation of modern financial management systems, assess implementation readiness, and promote solid change management programs that meet an organization’s on-time/on-budget execution and underlying business goals.

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