The Large Government Forum 

The Large Government Forum provides an opportunity for members of large governments to network and exchange information on topics unique to the demands of managing their large and complex entities.  The Forum held its second annual meeting at the 101st GFOA annual conference in Anaheim on June 10, 2007.  The meeting was a successful event and we appreciate those who attended.  In addition to the annual meeting at conference, the Forum also has a web portal for managers of larger governments and facilitates the exchange of ideas through web-based meetings during the year.

The Forum was created in 2006 and held its initial meeting at GFOA’s Montreal conference in May 2006.  Since that time, the Forum has also held a web-based meeting on Infrastructure Maintenance Financing in November 2006 and a web-based meeting on Retention and Recruitment in May 2007.

The Forum is currently open to GFOA members in jurisdictions with an approximate population of 500,000 or higher.  If you would like to join or simply learn more information about the Large Government Forum, please contact us.  

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