Environmental Sustainability

Green Purchasing

In addition to lowering government's environmental impact, green purchasing can save money by reducing product disposal costs and mitigating risk associated with hazardous materials exposure during use.


  • Minneapolis' Green Cleaning Supply List 
    • Minneapolis has been a leader in environmental and financial sustainability, ranked as the 5th greenest city in America. Below is Minneapolis's list of green cleaning supplies. The city continues to research products, but has intentionally limited the number of products on its list so that the city has a basic standard for purchasing, further contributing to the financial benefits available from the program.

  • San Francisco's Approved Green Product Purchasing List
    • San Francisco develops criteria for selecting green products and, where appropriate, also identifies lists of approved products for purchase. The link below will take you to approved lists for cleaning supplies, food supplies, office paper, and other products. These lists describe the criteria used for selection and can be equally useful to government or local businesses.