Articles In This Month's Issue: October 2007

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The Road to Financial Sustainability: Planning Challenges  

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Long-term financial planning is a vital discipline for creating and maintaining financial sustainability, but there are many challenges to overcome along the way.

Shayne C. Kavanagh

Supercharging the Long-Term Financial Planning Process: City of San Clemente, California

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The City of San Clemente found that revitalizing an already successful long-term financial planning process to be a valuable exercise in improving the city’s current and projected fiscal health.

T. Pall Gudgeirsson


Fiscal Impact Analysis: How to Use It and What to Look Out For
Analyzing the long-term financial consequences of any project or policy is a valuable decision-making tool in planning for a jurisdiction’s fiscal stability.This article examines the advantages as well as the limitations of fiscal impact analysis.

Michael J. Mucha


Forecasting Revenue for the Long Term

A long-term revenue forecast is a critical element of long-term financial planning that allows a government to  assess its fiscal sustainability.

Thomas J. Kirn

Adjusting Management Strategies: City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s AIM Program

The City of Milwaukee’s Accountability in Management (AIM) program focuses as much attention on budget implementation as on budget development and budget adoption. AIM ensures that department performance measures are used for ongoing management purposes, as opposed to being limited to budget presentation “window dressing.”

Mark Nicolini and Erick Shambarger


Planning for Fiscal Stability: City of Scottsdale, Arizona

Achieving and maintaining fiscal stability requires a solid grounding in financial planning and analysis and a vision for the future.This article outlines the City of Scottsdale’s Strategic Financial Plan,which includes program components and attention to changing economic trends that assist the city in planning for fiscal stability.

Craig Clifford