Articles In This Month's Issue: December 2007

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Rebuilding a Resilient Nation

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Resilience is a powerful concept that can serve as an overarching framework for guiding public and private efforts aimed at improving homeland ecurity, critical infrastructure protection,emergency preparedness, and business continuity.

Stephen E. Flynn

Stepping Back from the Edge of Disaster: Capital Planning for Resiliency

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Capital planning is central to enhancing a locality’s resiliency to extreme events — be they natural or an-made. For the capital plan to build resiliency, it must identify needs, prioritize needs, and fund the required infrastructure.

Shayne C. Kavanagh


Being Prepared for Disaster: Strategies and Tactics for Finance Managers
Since September 11,2001,financial managers have been challenged to find the funds to buy equipment and services to improve their response and recovery efforts for man-made and natural disasters.This article discusses some of the solutions one financial manager came up with to address those challenges.

Vicki Wilson


Working with FEMA (I’m from the government — I’m here to help)

As if the disaster wasn’t bad enough, finance officers can be driven crazy by paperwork long after the event.The tips offered in this article may eliminate some of the financial headaches resulting from working with higher level agencies.

Ed Harrington

Walking On Water:A Look Back at Rita and Katrina

Louisiana and Mississippi officials quickly recognized the leading role that they needed to take in the aftermath of the devastating 2005 hurricanes and did everything their fiscal resources would allow to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Daniel Bliss