Articles In February 2008

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OPEB in Perspective: GASB Statement No. 45 Four Years Later

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Other postemployment benefits have been a thorn in the side of many governments since the overnmental Accounting Standards Board issued Statement No. 45; now is the time to make some of the tough decisions.

Stephen J. Gauthier

Taming the Tiger: OPEB Cost Containment

There are steps the public sector can take to address the root cause of increasing benefits costs and provide a bolder vision for retiree health care.They include taking advantage of Medicare options,health and disease management, employee education, and wellness initiatives.

Colleen McHugh

Public Pension Investment Practices 

A recent survey on public pension investment practices shows that many of the plans have active, sophisticated investment programs in place, and the trend is toward expanding the types of investments made. Therefore, finance officers involved with pension investing will need to understand increasingly sophisticated money management techniques.

M. Corinne Larson

Public-Sector Employers Find Alternative Medicine for Retiree Benefit Liabilities

Governments have a spectrum of options to consider for managing OPEB liabilities, ranging from full funding of current benefits to benefit redesign or even elimination of benefits.The most important outcome is a strategy that balances cost,workforce management and wellness, and fiscal health.

Cathie G. Eitelberg

In an OPEB Trust We Trust?

One way of managing unfunded retiree health-care liabilities is through a trust.This article details the kinds of trust vehicles available and discusses the advantages, disadvantages, requirements, and implementation considerations of this approach.

John Ruggini