Articles In April 2008

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The Potholes of Performance Management Technology: A New Road and Its

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Performance management technology can greatly improve access to the vast amounts of operational data available to local governments. It is necessary, however, to anticipate and avoid a number of potential problems.

Mark A. Smith and Shayne C. Kavanagh

Business Process Management: A New Way to Conduct Operations

Business process management (BPM) focuses on how an organization’s work gets done. BPM software s a valuable tool,but achieving success with BPM means thinking differently about how operations are  managed, how work is performed, and how processes are designed.

Brenda Boyle

Public-Sector Knowledge Management: Putting the Pieces Together

Most jurisdictions face at least one challenge that requires knowledge management — a group of systems and practices that allow the organization to realize significant value from its intellectual capital.

David Melbye


OakVideo: Efficiency and Cost Savings through Cooperation

Through interlocal cooperation and innovation, OakVideo brought together 38 law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, 16 courthouses, and 14 prosecutor’s offices to streamline the operations of all the county’s law enforcement agencies. The effort between the county and the cities, villages, and townships led to projected annual savings of nearly $4.2 million.

Robert Daddow 


Popular Reporting: North Vancouver’s Efforts to Re-engage the Public

Many local governments are producing popular reports to make sure key stakeholders can get the information they need in order to participate and make informed civic decisions. The District of North Vancouver developed an online popular report that led to positive results as well as several lessons learned.

David Sewell