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Articles from the Government Finance Review

  • August 2006
    • Public Finance as a Profession
      Public service is demanding,difficult work.For most practitioners in the filed,a career in public finance is a conscious choice to serve through skill.
      Girard Miller

  • June 2006
    • Moving to Performance-Based Management 

      (PDF- 4.9 mg)
      Rather than reporting performance results, performance-based management is focused on linking performance measurement to strategic planning and using the results as a lever for cultural change. By creating learning environments in which performance measures are regularly reviewed and discussed, organizations can improve the rapidity of learning and decision making, improve performance, and facilitate broader cultural change.
      Christinia Altmayer

  • February 2006
    • Making Local Government More Workable through Shared Services

      (PDF 4.3k) 

      A growing number of local governments are turning to shared services arrangements as a means of enhancing service to constituents and lowering costs. This article gives an overview of the many different shared services arrangements in use today and offers advice on how to structure such arrangements.
      John Ruggini


  • April 2003
    • Sizing Up the Shortfalls: The States in Straits
      A severe decline in revenues,double-digit growth in Medicaid, and new homeland security costs have combined to create the worst state fiscal conditions in several decades.
      Nicholas W. Jenny and Richard P. Nathan

  • February 2003

  • February 2002
    • Portland, Oregon: A Case Study in Sustainability
      The environmental shortsightedness of the past has proven costly to governments. By institutionalizing sustainable principles and practices, governments can ensure a livable future for coming generations.
      Timothy Grewe, Susan Anderson, and Laurel Butman

  • October 2001