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Articles from the Government Finance Review

  • August 2007
    • Innovations in Managing Public Funds: Benchmarking and Total Return 

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      The City of Los Angeles decided in 2001 to change its approach to investment management in order to enhance revenue opportunities.Revamping the city’s investment approach consisted of three steps: segmenting the portfolio, benchmarking performance against an appropriate index, and measuring and evaluating the portfolio’s total rate of return.

      Joya C. De Foor and Kay Chandler

  • October 2006
    • Making Online Bill Pay Work

      Online banking and online bill pay are two of the fastest growing consumer activities on the Internet. Online bill pay is experiencing a huge increase in consumer usage — from 8 percent of monthly bills paid in 2001 to 24 percent in 2005, according to the American Bankers Association 2005/2006 Study of Consumer PaymentPreferences.

      Ann McCormick

  • April 2006
    • Managing and Safeguarding the Public's Money

      In public finance, the adage “the more things stay the same, the more they seem to change” holds true. Protecting public funds and managing them wisely has always been the primary directive of the finance officer. No other responsibility in municipal government has had as strong an impact on the population as the way governments manage their finances. This country was formed and the Revolutionary War fought largely based on public concern for the handling of public money. This article discusses the evolution of the cash management function in government and the role of GFOA in advancing professional practices in this important area.

      M. Corrine Larson

  • August 2002
    • Back to Basics: Making the Case for Investment Policies

      Local governmnts sometimes look to investment earnings to compensate for declining revenue. Adhering to established  investments policies can help ensure that they don't compromise the safety of public funds in the process.

      Francie Heller, Sally Walton, and Jeremy Willmoth


  • April 2000
    • Best Practices in Treasury Management

      Leading state and local treasurers have improved management practices affecting the fundamental areas of cash management: payment processing, investing, and disbursement control. This article summarizes significant changes in the treasury management arena.

      Nicholas Greifer and Jeffrey Vieceli


Articles from Other Sources 

  • A Study of Cash Investments Practices for Local Governments in New York State, 2000-PS-7, State of New York, Office of the State Comptroller, Division of Municipal Affairs.
    • This is a review of the investment programs of twenty-eight municipalities in central New York State. The purpose of the review was to determine the effectiveness of local government cash investment programs and to recommend improvements based on best practices.