Debt Management Books

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  • Capital Project Planning and Evaluation 
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      Finance officers have an opportunity to contribute valuable insight to all stages of capital plans and help insure capital project investments align with long-term service goals, objectives, and strategies. This book is divided into two sections. The first section of the book discusses considerations associated with most capital project types. Topics covered include: public participation; cost estimation and budgeting; project oversight; common funding sources; and the potential for public/private cooperation on projects. Section II of the book provides a short description of twelve important capital project types and basic information to assist with the needs assessment. Project types include: Emergency Communication Systems; Fire/EMS Stations; Correctional Facilities and Jails; Roads; Water and Wastewater Systems; Administrative Facilities; Technology Investments; Solid Waste Facilities; Schools; Public Libraries; Parks and Recreation Facilities; and Convention Centers and Meeting Facilities.

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