Debt Management Seminars

Highlighted Training

The GFOA offers a variety of training seminars in debt management. These seminars provide essential information for government officials responsible for debt management, including debt issuance and municipal bond planning and sales.

Featured Training Seminars

Planning and Sale of Municipal Bonds

This two-day seminar is intended for individuals who desire either an intensive introduction to the municipal bond market or a review of current practices. Participants will be introduced to the major steps involved in issuing tax-exempt debt as well as more in-depth instruction on conducting a bond sale.


Understanding and Calculating Arbitrage Rebate

Participants will take an in-depth look at the regulations as well as receive practical guidance on implementing some of the more complex provisions of arbitrage rebate.


Using Derivatives in Managing Liabilities and Assets

The use of derivative products is becoming more prevalent in state and local government debt and risk management programs. Derivatives may take the form of interest rate swaps, options on swaps, and other hedging mechanisms such as caps, floors, collars, and rate locks. Each carries its own set of risks, and the potential for saving money. Derivative products can be an important interest rate management tool, and when used properly can increase a governmental entity’s financial flexibility, provide opportunities for interest rate savings, alter the pattern of debt service payments, create variable rate exposure, and limit or hedge variable rate payments. The purpose of this course is to educate governmental issuers on the risks and potential benefits of derivative products, providing the tools and framework to properly evaluate them as a financing tool, and identifying situations when derivatives can be used.


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