Pensions and Benefits Books

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Featured Books

  • Elected Official's Guide to OPEB
    • A major challenge facing local governments is how to finance the cost of pensions and other post-employment benefits such as postretirement healthcare. While financial reports provide a wealth of information for making decisions, most decision makers find that information extremely difficult to understand and apply. This easy-to-understand and highly practical publication removes the mystery from pension and benefits accounting so that decision makers can confidently use the information contained in financial reports to make better decisions.
      By Stephen J. Gauthier 

Other Pension and Benefits Books 

  • A Guide for Establishing a Pension Investment Policy
  • A primer on Early Retirement Incentives
  • A Public Employee's Guide to Retirement Planning, Second Edition
  • Federal Workplace Laws
  • Flexible Benefit Plans
  • Guide for Selecting Pension Actuarial Consultants
  • Guide for Selecting Pension Custodians
  • Guide for Selecting Pension Investment Consultants
  • Pension Investing: Fundamentals and Best Practices
  • Prefunding Retiree Health Benefits
  • State and Local Government Deferred Compensation Programs
  • Technology for Pension Administration