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The GFOA offers training seminars to introduce finance officials to the multitude of government technology. These seminars provide essential training on the use and advantage of key technologies, including ERP systems.

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ERP Project Management

Public-sector organizations are increasingly taking advantage of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, which provide integrated financial and human resources solutions that help to streamline and improve public-sector business processes. While procuring the right ERP system can be tough for even the most well-run organizations, the real effort lies in implementing these systems, which can be an extremely complex endeavor. Today’s ERP project managers are faced with daunting challenges. They are required to successfully lead organizations through increasingly complex ERP implementations. As government budgets have become lean, project managers are tasked with accomplishing more with less and within tighter time frames. In response, informed project managers must seek training that will prepare them for the increased challenges that they face. The ERP Project Management Boot Camp is a three-day course that has been designed to prepare public-sector ERP project managers with the tools, tips, and strategies that will allow them to successfully lead even the most challenging ERP implementations. The course has been  developed to address the specific needs of the public-sector ERP project manager, and is taught by trained professionals with extensive experience in public-sector project management.


Financial and ERP Systems Acquisition and Implementation

The course content presents best practices and lessons learned based on systematic research and consulting experience of GFOA staff. The seminar also includes case study presentations by small and large governments that have successfully installed enterprise systems. Instructors and speakers identify proven techniques to mitigate the risk of implementation failure as well design strategies for system optimization.


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