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Articles from the Government Finance Review

  • August 2005
    • The Central Post Office: Making Your Life Easier and the Market More Efficient

      It has been almost a year since the Central Post Office opened for business, allowing issuers of municipal bonds to file their disclosure documents electronically through a single location. Learn how municipal market disclosure practices have evolved through the years and how the Central Post Office has improved the disclosure process for all involved.
      Patrick P. Born and Susan A. Gaffney

  • December 2004
    • ERP Market Dynamics for Midsize Governments
      The Tier II ERP market provides an important solution to small and midsize governments that cannot afford SAP, Oracle, or PeopleSoft systems. This article identifies some of the steps Tier II customers can take to protect themselves and their investments in this changing market.
      Shayne Kavanagh and Jason Hoekstra

  • October 2002
    • Needs Assessments and Business Case Analysis for Technology Investment Decisions

      As budgets get tighter, elected officials and governing boards are requiring CFOs and CIOs to undertake a rigorous business case analysis to justify technology investment decisions. This article presents a step-by-step methodology that has been developed and used by GFOA in its needs assessment consulting projects.
      Rowan Miranda

  • December 2001
    • Intergovernmental Cooperation on ERP Systems
      (PDF 103 Kb)
      This article describes the joint procurement and implementation of an ERP solution by three Nebraska governments: Douglas County, the City of Omaha, and the Omaha/Douglas Public Building Commission.
      Kathleen A. Hall
    • Dashboards and Scorecards: Executive Information Systems for the Public Sector

      Web-based technologies are ushering in a new era of public management by disseminating information to key decision makers through portals known as executive information systems (EIS). This article describes the concept of EIS, identifies the features and functions of leading products, and discusses how EIS can promote strategic management in the public sector.
      Leo Yonghong Liang and Rowan Miranda

    • Extensible Markup Language: A New Technology Tool for the Public Sector

      XML is a new Internet technology tool that holds considerable promise for the public sector. This article explains what XML is and how it works, and discusses its use in seven governmental applications.
      Ken Smith, Mohammad Abdolmohammadi, and Jon Harris

    • Power to the People: Implementing Constituent Relationship Management in the Public Sector

      Despite rising interest in constituent relationship management (CRM), few governments have
      implemented these systems. This article draws on the experience of the Michigan Economic
      Shayne Kavanagh and Deanna Targosz

    • Strategic Planning for Technology Investments

      A well-crafted technology plan can help governments maximize the value of their technology investments. This article outlines the factors to consider in developing an IT strategy.
      Ronald J. Raumer

    • ERP Implementation: Managing the Final Preparation andGo-Live Stages
      Implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a long and arduous process. The final phases of implementation, typically known as “final preparation” and “go-live,” can be among the most stressful periods of the project. This is where the proverbial rubber-meets-theroad, where months of hard work are put to the ultimate test—production use of the software. This article provides insight into the final phases of ERP implementation and highlights the major considerations at this critical juncture of the project.

      David Boyer