Articles In August 2008

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Measuring for a Purpose:Trends in Public-Sector Performance Measurement and Management Practices

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An increasing number of governments are using performance measurement and management practices, and these initiatives have broader stakeholder involvement than in the past.

Anne Spray Kinney and John Ruggini


What Gets Measured Sometimes Gets Managed

A systematic effort is required to ensure that performance management becomes an essential process at all levels, allowing for better and more informed decisions.

William Aaron

Sarasota County’s GovMax Application:Aligning Business Need with Technical Value

Sarasota County’s experience in implementing its performance measurement and management system indicates that strategic alignment is not just another management fad but an emerging best practice.

Robert Hanson

Beyond the Basics: Miami-Dade County’s Results-Oriented Government Framework

Miami-Dade County’s strategy for improving service quality focuses on planning, measuring, and monitoring.

Ray A. Scher

Using 311 Data to Measure Performance and Manage City Finances

The key to widespread implementation of 311 systems will be the ability to demonstrate enterprise-wide operational efficiency and budgetary savings.

David R. Eichenthal