Articles In The October 2008 Issue

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Fiscal First Aid

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In an environment where many local governments are feeling financial pressure, minor structural imbalances that were manageable in the past may now manifest as a financial crisis.

Shayne Kavanagh and Melanie Purcell


Consolidation and Shared Services: A Proven Method for Saving Tax Dollars
For years, municipalities nationwide have looked to consolidation, or shared-service arrangements, in an ongoing effort to reduce or stabilize costs and maintain a high level of service in the face of ever-shrinking revenues.

Christine Smith, Ed Henschel, and Rob Lefeber

Stability in a Time of Uncertainty

Financial leadership helps the organization cope with the changes that inevitably occur when tough decisions must be implemented. The key to success is remaining dedicated to fiscally responsible practices while fostering innovation.

Lisa Calise Signori

Making an Argument for Police Enforcement:The St. Paul Fee Study Experience
The City of St.Paul used data-driven analysis to measure the costs of police enforcement at specific addresses, leading to an increase in business license fees and less pressure on the city’s general fund.

Scott Cordes and Bob Winthrop

Enhancing Control and Lowering Costs through Payables Outsourcing

At the Arlington County treasurer’s office, payables outsourcing has moved an anual process to a Web-based environment,dramatically improving control over disbursements, along with other successes.

Michael Longhi and Diane Battle