Articles In the February 2009 Issue


Picking Winners: Shrewd Investing in IT Assets through IT Governance

(178 KB PDF) Feb09 GFR Cover

IT governance contributes to shrewd IT asset investment decisions by engaging stakeholders from across the organization in decision making and accountability.

Shayne Kavanagh and David Melbye


Low-Cost Tech Solutions for Small (and Larger) Governments
Organizations of all sizes are being asked to advance into the 21st century and beyond. Today’s products, combined with a little creativity, make these advances increasingly affordable and attainable.
Louis J. Boglioli III


GIS as an Enterprise Municipal System 

Geographic information systems (GIS) have a number of municipal business applications, including budgeting and finance.

Greg Babinski


Joint Software Selection Project Provides Numerous Benefits

The cities of Southlake and New Braunfels, both in Texas, saved money, got a better product, and realized additional, unexpected benefits from their joint software project.
Jim Blagg, Deborah Korinchock, and Jerry Tweedy


Big Job, Short Timeframe: Missouri’s IT Consolidation 

When the state of Missouri consolidated the IT workforce for the executive branch of state government, it aimed to create one entity that would provide data across departments and find ways to provide more services at the same or lower spending levels.

Bill Bott