Targeted Networking Sessions

GFOA’s Annual Conference provides numerous opportunities for networking with your peers. Many GFOA sessions will feature roundtable panels or opportunities for discussion. GFOA social events also provide time to make connections and build your network. In addition, GFOA has planned special networking sessions for members looking to engage with their peers on specific issues.

Delegates working in any of the following areas should attend these events specifically planned to bring them together with members of similar backgrounds and interests:

  • The "AAA" Club - GFOA will host a networking session designed specifically for governments that have achieved an AAA rating. This session will allow delegates to discuss the unique challenges in achieving and maintaining that esteemed rating.
  • School Budgeting - GFOA’s Alliance for Excellence in School District Budgeting will meet to provide an opportunity for discussion centered on improving the budget process to best align to strategies for student achievement.
  • Small Government Forum - GFOA’s Small Government Forum is a discussion group that identifies and explores topics of interest to governments with populations less than 25,000.
  • Urban Forum - GFOA’s Urban Forum will provide networking opportunities and speakers on issues facing large organizations for GFOA attendees representing governments from metropolitan areas with over 1,000,000 people.
  • Utility Finance Forum - Utility finance requires detailed knowledge in rate setting, enterprise accounting, asset management, and understanding regulations. This networking group is composed of GFOA members from utility organizations and municipalities that operate utilities.
  • Women’s Public Finance Network - The Women’s Public Finance Network is a voluntary association of elected and appointed officials, and other women finance professionals to encourage active involvement and full participation of women members in the organization, policy-making process, and programs of GFOA.
  • Black Caucus - GFOA’s Black Caucus supports the aspirations and achievements of African-American public finance officers, helps them to pursue professional development opportunities, and sponsors projects to assist African-Americans seeking careers in government finance.
  • Young Professional Networking Event - As more and more governments experience retirement of the “Baby Boomer” generation, young professionals are ascending to leadership roles. To support that rise, it is essential for young finance professionals to build and maintain their network. This group is focused on GFOA members under 40.