Strings Attached: Accounting for Intergovernmental Grants

Session Time: 
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 10:20am to 12:00pm
Field of Study: 
Accounting – Governmental

Intergovernmental grants make up a significant portion of the funds available to many governments, providing resources for some of the most important public services like education, housing, and public safety. But those funds come with many requirements from very specific guidelines on the use of the funds to extensive financial and programmatic reporting. Come to this session to hear how governments have been able to establish and maintain effective communication between program and finance functions in order to 1) selectively pursue grant opportunities that can benefit residents and service recipients with manageable constraints, and 2) successfully utilize funding to accomplish programmatic goals while meeting requirements such as reporting, subrecipient monitoring, and audit preparedness.

Finance Manager
Houston Department of Health and Human Services
Rehmann Robson, LLC