Peace in Admin Services: Playing Nicely with the HR Department

Session Time: 
Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 3:50pm to 5:05pm
Field of Study: 
Business Management & Organization

Finance officers and human resource managers provide core administrative services that many organizations split into multiple departments. This can lead to tension, conflict, and inefficiency. Although recognizing that these departments serve various purposes and should be different, they often need to work together. This session will feature views from both finance and human resource professionals on balancing purpose, style, culture, and goals between distinct functions. Speakers will share how they stepped out of their box to understand different stakeholder viewpoints. Techniques that consider leadership styles will be emphasized. Working arrangements, such as service level agreements, policies, and business process strategies for creating a more cohesive delivery of services, will also be addressed. Lessons learned during this session may also apply to any process requiring cooperation among multiple organizations.

Deputy Finance Director
County of Fairfax, Virginia
Finance Director
Summit County
Deputy Human Resources Director
Riverside County