2021 Virtual Conference Sessions: Economic Development

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Sessions for Monday, July 12

No economic development sessions for July 12

Sessions for Tuesday, July 13

13 Jul
11:00 AM-11:50 AM ET

Zoom Towns: The Impact of Remote Work on Our Communities

With the onset of COVID-19 some employees, now working remotely, opted to move out of large urban metros areas into smaller towns. This migration led to a financial impact in both areas. How did these small towns address a large and unplanned demand for service? What was the impact on tax revenues, property values, and the economy? Speakers will explore what this means for those areas if the trend continues. Going forward, all finance officers can learn from these experiences and how to better prepare for the next large change in their communities.

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand impacts from recent shifts in community populations stemming from the growing remote workforce.
  • Develop expectations for how their jurisdiction may be affected by shifts to and from rural/urban localities.
  • Identify what challenges and obstacles their municipality could be facing should these trends continue or accelerate.
1 CPE credit

Sessions for Wednesday, July 14

No economic development sessions for July 14

Sessions for Thursday, July 15

No economic development sessions for July 15

Sessions for Friday, July 16

No economic development sessions for July 16

Sessions for Monday, July 19

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Sessions for Tuesday, July 20

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Sessions for Wednesday, July 21

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Sessions for Thursday, July 22

22 Jul
11:00 AM-12:15 PM ET

Rethinking Local Government Economic Development

The underlying premise of traditional economic development strategies is that subsidies incentivize firms to take actions that they wouldn’t have otherwise taken. For example, the incentive can initiate hiring new employees, locating a business in a particular area, or expanding production. However, research suggests that these incentives are often not as effective as they may seem and we may hope. Alternatively, incentives that are not effective are wasted resources that could have been used to support other public programs. In this session, speakers will examine what makes incentives more or less likely to be effective, how to increase the odds that incentives will work, and which alternatives to traditional incentive-led approaches can better accomplish economic development goals.

Sessions for Friday, July 23

No economic development sessions for July 23