2006 WPFN By-Laws

By-laws of the Women’s Public Finance Network


Article I Name

The name of this organization shall be the Women's Public Finance Network of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada.


Article II Purpose

A. Develop a core network of women GFOA members to coordinate communications and encourage participation between all members of GFOA through the Women's Public Finance Network.
B. Serve as a primary resource to the GFOA, identifying and providing the names, qualifications, expertise and interests of public finance practitioners who are eligible for GFOA and other nationally appointed positions.
C. Coordinate activities and programs in such a manner as to enhance GFOA activities and programs, including advising the GFOA leadership on topics of concern and interest to Network members.
D. Encourage women to actively participate in GFOA activities including serving as award program reviewers, contributors of articles for publication, giving presentations and serving on standing committees.
E. Through the Outreach Team, encourage the development of women's networks at the regional or local level.


Article III Facilitating Objectives

The goals of the organization shall be accomplished by:
A. Establishing an ongoing Peer-Match Program.
B. Encouraging state and local GFOA organizations and their members to become Women’s Network members and to embrace the goals and objectives of the Women’s Network.

C. Use the Women’s Network web page to create forums and disseminate information of interest to our members.


Article IV Membership

Membership in the Women's Public Finance Network is open to all members of the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. We recognize that GFOA members represent both the public and private sectors. Therefore, we will strive to maintain a balance between active and associate members to facilitate communication between the public and private sectors.


Article V Officers, Elections, Term of Office and Duties


Section One: Officers
The officers of the Women's Public Finance Network shall be the Co-Chairs, the Co-Chairs Elect, and the Outreach Team Co-Chairs.


Section Two: Elections and Term of Office
The Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting to serve a two-year term. The term shall commence every two years at the end of the annual business meeting of the Women's Public Finance Network.


Section Three: Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by a current or past female member of the GFOA Executive Board who is a member of the public sector. In addition to the Chair, the Nominating Committee shall consist of one of the two outgoing Co-Chairs and two other members of the Network.


Section Four: Duties of the Officers
A. The Co-Chairs shall:
1. Conduct Business Meetings;
2. Communicate program objectives to the GFOA Executive Board and staff,
3. Prepare an Annual Report to the GFOA Executive Board,
4. Appoint Committee Members, and
5. Execute other duties as required.


B. The Co-Chairs Elect shall:
1. Assist the Co-Chairs in implementing policies and programs recommended by the Outreach Team,
2. Represent the Network as required in meetings,
3. Identify long-range goals and programs.


C. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall:
1. Chair meetings to select a slate of officers,
2. With the recommendation of Committee members, recommend the slate of officers for the Network and identify candidates to serve on the GFOA Standing Committees and Executive Board.


D. The Outreach Committee shall:

1.  Take notes/minutes at official meetings.

2.  Coordinate the publication of the newsletter, The Net

3.  Promote the Women’s Network to all GFOA members and the State/Provincial GFOA’s.



Article VI Meetings

The annual business meeting shall be held during the Annual Conference of the GFOA. Other meetings may be scheduled by the Chair.


Article VII GFOA Support


Section One: Staffing
The GFOA will provide staffing and services to support the activities of the Women's Public Finance Network. The GFOA staff representative will meet with the leadership for the purpose of discussing issues of concern and a work plan for the year.


Section Two: Communication
The GFOA will provide communication with the membership through the GFOA newsletter, conference publicity materials or any other GFOA publication.


Article VIIIAmending Procedure

These by-laws may be amended at the annual meeting by a majority vote of all members present, provided that the proposed amendments shall have been prepared in writing and distributed to the members through publication in the spring newsletter.


Approved by the Membership on June 11, 1995.

Amended: May 18, 2003


Amended: May 7, 2006