CCI Mission Statement

Mission Statement - GFOA Standing Committee on Canadian Issues

The mission of the Committee is to advise GFOA’s Executive Board and staff on:

  • the Canadian implications of issues under review by the Executive Board,
  • ways to assist Canadian governments with issues specific to them, 
  • ways to better serve GFOA’s Canadian members, and 
  • ways to increase GFOA’s membership in Canada.

The Committee also is to represent GFOA on issues exclusive to Canada to outside parties on the basis of established board policy. In its work to achieve its mission, the Committee will cooperate closely with GFOA’s other standing committees in any and all matters of common concern.

Strategic Goals

  1. Expert Knowledge 
    1. To encourage research on topics of relevance to Canadian Finance Officers
    2. To increase the Canadian content of GFOA’s Newsletter, Government Finance Review, and GFOA publications
    3. To produce and distribute GFOA’s Canadian Newsletter, the Canadian Finance Matters biannually.
  2. Education and Training 
    1. To increase the availability and relevance of GFOA training to Canadian Finance Officers, including sessions at GFOA’s annual conference and at joint sessions with other Canadian associations.
  3. Policies and Practices 
    1. To support Canadian Finance Officers through the development and promotion of applicable GFOA Best Practices that have been revised and validated for Canadian use, and to develop Best Practices that are specific to Canada.
    2. To examine future potential PSAB statement of recommended practices (SORPs) and standards for possible relevant input.
    3. To work with other organizations in advocacy efforts with senior governments.
  4. Financial Leadership
    1. To promote applicable GFOA Awards, and promote and oversee the Canadian Award for Financial Reporting (CAnFR) Program.
  5. Enhanced Participation and Co-operation 
    1. To improve communications with and between members of GFOA International and members of provincial and other finance associations 
    2. To promote membership in provincial finance associations and by doing so, to increase membership in GFOA International
  6. Technology
    1. To develop and maintain a Canadian website as part of GFOA’s site for interaction with Canadian members.