Committee On Retirement and Benefits Administration (CORBA)

The Committee on Retirement Benefits and Administration works with state and local administrators, trustees, and personnel officials to effectively manage state and local retirement funds and employee benefits. The committee tracks new industry practices, regulatory and legislative developments, and issues best practices to assist public pension and personnel officers.

Members of the Committee

  • CHAIR: John Tuohy, Deputy Treasurer for Accounting and Treasury Management, Arlington County, VA
  • VICE CHAIR: Richard Harris, Finance & Compliance Officer, Denver Employees Retirement Plan, Denver, CO
  • Kathleen Clarke Buch, Finance Director, Town of Darien, CT
  • Debby Cherney, Deputy General Manager, Eastern Municipal Water District, Perris, CA
  • Max Duplant, CFO, City of Irving, TX
  • Barry Faison, CFO, Virginia Retirement System, Richmond, VA
  • Douglas Fiddler, Senior Actuary, South Dakota Retirement System, SD
  • Karl Greve, CFO, Colorado Public Employees' Retirement Association (PERA), CO
  • James Hanson, Director of Finance, City of Montgomery, OH
  • Kathryn Hewitt, CPA, Treasurer, Harford County, MD
  • Tina Leiss, Operations Officer, Nevada Public Employees Retirement System, NV
  • Dennis Lockhart, Director of Finance, Oakland County Road Commission, MI
  • Scott McCarty, Finance Director, Town of Paradise Valley, AZ
  • James Mohler, Executive Director, Municipal Employees Annuity & Benefits Fund of Chicago, IL
  • Maryann Motza, Colorado State Social Security Administrator, CO
  • Russell Nash, Chief Operations Officer, Austin Employee's Retirement System, TX
  • Richard Schnuer, Finance Director, City of Champaign, IL
  • Ebony Shelton, Director of Financial Policy and Planning, County of San Diego, CA
  • Ari Sky, Chief Financial Officer, City of New Bedford, MA
  • Casey Srader, Budget Manager, City of Plano, TX
  • John Troyer, Director of Finance, City of Alcoa, TN
  • Barbara Whitehorn, CFO, City of Asheville, NC
  • Stephen Williams, Director of Finance and Administration, City of Conroe, TX
  • Charlene Wilson, CFO, Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana, LA


  • Cathie Eitelberg, National Director, Public Sector Market, The Segal Company, Washington, DC
  • Corinne Larson, Principal, Director of Marketing at Longfellow Investment Management Company, Boston, MA
  • Valentine (Jim) Link, Jr., Managing Director, PFM Asset Management LLC, Philadelphia, PA
  • John Saeli, President, Market Development and Government Affairs, ICMA-RC, DC
  • Paul Zorn, Director of Governmental Research, Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company, Southfield, MI


  • Linda Cramer, Assistant County Manager, County of Chathman, GA
  • Marc Gonzales, Director, Department of Finance, Clackamas County, OR

GFOA Staff