Examples of Complete Policy Portfolios

  • The City of Bellevue, Washington has developed very comprehensive policy documents over time.
  • The City of San Clemente, California, and the City of Austin, Texas, both incorporate checklists to give readers a sense of how well they are complying with their own policies.
  • The City of Long Beach, California, has both a short form and long form of its policies. The former presents the key themes and the latter provides underlying details. 
  • The City of Virginia Beach, Virginia, develops individual documents for each of its policies. These documents contain not only the city council’s policy, but also useful supplementary information, such as the administrative procedures necessary to implement the policy. The city also develops separate “administrative directives” that provide direction to staff in areas that are outside the city council’s broader governance role and more appropriate to staff’s management purview. This site provides a copy of the city’s infrastructure policy and grants administrative directive.
  • Gwinnett County worked with GFOA to develop a complete policy portfolio that is consistent with the ideas and concepts found in Financing the Future.