Frank C. Gambosi

Frank C. Gambosi
Finance Director
City of Bedford, Ohio

Frank has 37 years of experience in state and local government. He has served twenty-five (25) years as the Director of Finance for the City of Bedford, Ohio and served as a state examiner seven (7) years with the State of Ohio Auditor’s office. Frank is a past President of the OHIO GFOA Board, and for seven (7) years he was a Trustee of the Ohio GFOA as well as Secretary to the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association. He currently serves as an Executive Board Member of the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada, and has been assigned as Ex-Officio of the Audit and Tax, and the CAAFR committees. In this capacity Frank along with Harlita and another board member they review the financial reports and tax returns of the GFOA of The US and Canada. The CAAFR committee (also consisting of the same members) meet on various accounting and auditing issues presented by the professional staff at the GFOA office in Chicago or on related topics of the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statements and bring forth Best Practices to the GFOA Executive Board for approval. Frank spent 9 years as a member of the Government Finance Officers Association, Special Review Executive Committee and served as the Chair of this committee for 6 years. He frequently communicated by phone, with GFOA staff to decide the outcome of whether a newly submitted government entity would receive the GFOA Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting. Mr. Gambosi has been a Special Reviewer since 1986. Mr. Gambosi was been awarded twenty-nine (29) consecutive GFOA Certificates of Excellence in Financial Reporting. He is married to Cheryl (35 years) and they have three daughters: Leslie, Gina, and Amanda; one grandson, Landon; and one granddaughter, Natalie.