GFOA Instructor Application

GFOA is seeking instructors to help develop content and serve as trainers for its 2017 training offerings. Instructors will help to develop content, exercises, case studies, etc. as well as lead instruction and discussion with participants.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Topics covered in GFOA trainings include:

  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting & Financial Planning
  • CIP / Economic Development
  • Debt Management
  • Financial Management
  • Pension & Benefit Administration
  • Technology
  • Treasury Management

Instructor Expectations:

  • Participate in an advisory group with fellow instructors to include periodic conference calls
  • Develop PowerPoint presentations, exercises, and other course content
  • Serve as a subject matter expert in reviewing/editing course content with fellow instructors
  • Teach a training course over the 2017 calendar year
  • Work with GFOA staff coordinator to meet deadlines for quality presentations, exercises, etc.
  • Encourage active student participation through, but not limited to, exercises and group/collaborative work

Training Types:

  • Webinar. Scheduled for a 2-hour period, GFOA webinars focus on niche topics. Instructors will present using their computer and phone conection. Participants will view the instruction live from their computers.
  • Live-Training. Scheduled for one day to up to four days, instructors will present and teach in a classroom style setting.
  • E-Learning. Using content developed by instructors, including quizzes, videos, etc., participants complete the course at their own pace online.

Please refer to GFOA's Guide for Instructors/Speaker Portal for additional information on speaking/training policies.