Planning for Employee Turnover

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New Course
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Mar 30 2017 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm  EST
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Business Management & Organization
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Administrative Services Director
City of Sausalito, CA
Partner, Assurance Services Group
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Finance officers who wish to ensure a smooth turnover as employees leave the organization, either because of retirement or simply changing jobs. The session will be particularly useful to those who contribute to their government’s succession planning efforts.

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We see frequent reports about the wave of retirements that looms over the public sector, emphasizing the urgency of succession planning – but solid planning for employee departures isn’t just about retirement. Governments should take a look not only at how they’ve prepared for upcoming years of retirements, but for staff losses in general, which can happen at any time. While jurisdictions engage in substantial long-term planning efforts in many areas – budgeting and economic development, to name two – many of them lack a similar level of commitment when it comes to their internal infrastructure. Jurisdictions need to develop strategies for addressing employee age demographics, just like other strategic planning they undertake. 

NOTE: This training was originally scheduled for March 8, 2017. 

Seminar Objectives: 
  • Demonstrate the role of planning for employee turnover in establishing a sound internal control environment.
  • Share information about organizational contingency plans that are clearly defined and understood by the parties who might be affected, addressing both short- and long-term needs.
  • Explain how to identify potential skill shortages by mapping out the key members of a government’s departments.
  • Teach effective analysis of organizational reporting and how and when to consider job redesign.
  • Show ways in which employee engagement provides positive results in the workforce and set the government up for smoother turnover.
  • Show how to ensure that knowledge transfer is handled appropriately.
  • Share strategies other governments are using to find new talent.
  • Share methods governments can use to ensure successful succession planning, including strategies employed by other public-sector organizations.
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