3rd Annual Better Budgeting Web-Stream Series: Building a Better Budget Office (Encore Presentation)

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Dec 18 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:40pm  EDT
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Working knowledge of public-sector budgeting processes and other tasks typically carried out by budget office staff.

Finance Director/Treasurer
City of Thousand Oaks, California
Senior Deputy County Manager
Cabarrus County, North Carolina
Director of Financial Management
City of Long Beach, California
Budget Director
City of Kansas City, MO
Budget Officer
City of Thousand Oaks, California
Director/Deputy Executive Director
Who Will Benefit: 

Budget staff, finance officers, city/county managers, and others with an interest for improving the effectiveness of the budget office and the value it has to the organization.

Program Description: 

The “budget office” can take on many forms depending on the size, type, history, or culture of an organization. In most organizations, the budget office or the individuals responsible for the budget “function” also perform many other tasks. This session will feature speakers from a variety of organizations to discuss and debate how to build an effective budget function. Questions for discussion will include:

  • What role does the budget office play in an organization?
  • Does an organization really need a separate budget office?
  • Where is the most appropriate place to put a budget office in a government organization structure?
  • How many staff is optimal?
  • What other roles should the budget staff provide in addition to coordinating the budget process?
  • What level of involvement should the budget office have in related processes like strategic planning, citizen participation, CIP development, performance management, and program evaluation?
  • What type of skillsets/positions are needed within a budget office?
  • How can we improve the performance of the budget office and staff within it?
Seminar Objectives: 

Those who successfully complete this seminar should be able to:

  • Understand how different organizations approach the budget function
  • Determine how to improve the structure of your budget office (or budget function)
  • Identify the key functions that are performed by the budget office
  • Understand the pros and cons for locating the budget office in different places in the organization
  • Learn the roles the budget office staff can serve outside of the typical budget process

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