Staff Directory

Name Title Centersort descending
Beth Aldana Manager of HR and Organizational Development
Chris Morrill Executive Director/CEO Executive Office
Timothy Martin Senior Manager, Membership Engagement Executive Office
Michael Belarmino Senior Policy Advisor Federal Liaison
Michael Thomas Federal Policy Associate Federal Liaison
Emily S. Brock Director Federal Liaison
John Jurkash Director/CFO Finance and Administration
Sarah Marrs Member Services Coordinator Finance and Administration
Joseph McCauley Accounting Clerk Finance and Administration
Derek Czaplewski Assistant Member Services Coordinator Finance and Administration
Dennis Podgorski IT Manager Finance and Administration
Morgan Shipley Web Editor Finance and Administration
Ben Walker Web Administrator Finance and Administration
Gustavo Corral Publications Distribution Coordinator Finance and Administration
Erica Huddle Member Services Coordinator Finance and Administration
Raymond Matos, Jr. Shipping and Receiving Clerk Operations and Marketing
Natalie Laudadio Senior Communications Manager Operations and Marketing
Adam Braffman Associate Operations and Marketing
Barbara Mollo Director Operations and Marketing
Dan Zielinski Assistant Director Operations and Marketing
Deborah Boyd Senior Receptionist Operations and Marketing
Kate Southard Manager Operations and Marketing
Shayne Kavanagh Senior Manager, Research Research and Consulting
Genevieve Carter Consultant/Analyst Research and Consulting
Craig Lesner Senior Manager Research and Consulting
Barry McMeekin Consulting Practice Manager Research and Consulting
Jake Kowalski Consultant/Analyst Research and Consulting
Eva Olsaker Senior Manager Research and Consulting
Katie Ludwig Senior Manager Research and Consulting
Chloe Belczak Program Associate Research and Consulting
Ryan Lawler Manager Research and Consulting
Elizabeth Fu Manager Research and Consulting
Ailene Upton Executive Administrative Assistant Research and Consulting
Mike Mucha Director/Deputy Executive Director Research and Consulting
Rob Roque Technology Services Manager Research and Consulting
Mark Mack Manager Research and Consulting
Marcy Boggs Managing Editor Research and Consulting
Matt Bubness Senior Manager Research and Consulting
Susan Gaffney Senior Manager Research and Consulting
Jay Howard, CPA Senior Program Associate Technical Services
Todd Buikema Assistant Director for Publications Technical Services
Zhikuan (Kuan) Hu Manager Technical Services
Peg Hartnett Assistant Director for Training Technical Services
Qiujian (Jean) Jiang Manager Technical Services
Dashaunta Waddell Administrative Associate Technical Services
Tahrer Khalil Program Associate Technical Services
Robert Kotchen Administrative Assistant Technical Services
James A. Phillips Senior Program Manager Technical Services
Delores Smith Administrative Associate Technical Services
Qun (Tren) Wang Manager Technical Services
Tami Garrett Administrative Associate Technical Services
Zaklina Lakic Program Associate Technical Services
Michele Mark Levine Director, Technical Services Technical Services
James M. Falconer, CPA Senior Manager Technical Services
John Fishbein Senior Program Manager Technical Services
Kim Hua Program Associate Technical Services