Develop Recovery Plan

The recovery plan is a comprehensive document that lays out a detailed program of recovery. The plan is built around long-term goals that define what a “recovery” looks like. The goals are supported by strategies and detailed initiatives. Each initiative should describe the proposed action, who is responsible, the implementation schedule, required resources, and the anticipated impact on the recovery effort. The plan should also include a detailed financial projection for the first year and summary-level projections for the next three to five years.

Senior management should develop the plan. External consultants can help, but they should not play more than an advisory role. It is crucial that senior management own the plan.

A team approach is recommended for developing the plan. Under this model, cross-functional teams analyze different areas of the organization and suggest strategies. The recovery manager must define the objectives for these teams, the tools and processes they will use, and then help keep them on track.

For more detailed information on the recovery plan, please see Step 7 – Recovery Plan
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