GFOA's Best Practices Forum

Join us for a week of essential best practices covering all disciplines of public finance.

July 29-August 2, 2024

Nine Sessions | A Maximum of 18 CPE Credits

GFOA has approved over 200 best practice statements that serve as the foundation for financial management practices for all governments to implement.  How does your government stack up to this standard and how knowledgeable are you on what defines excellence in public finance?

GFOA’s Best Practice Forum provides an overview of essential best practices across all disciplines of public finance. Over the course of a week, GFOA presenters will highlight over 20 individual best practices and provide the latest information on current trends, implementation considerations, and essential practices for all governments. This training provides finance professionals in all types of organizations on opportunity to not only better understand what defines the best practice in a wide array of topics, it will also provide interactive elements for attendees to conduct a self-assessment and learn from each other. 

20+ Best Practices, Case Studies, Nine Sessions, 18 CPE Credits

Each session will feature presentation on key elements of GFOA’s best practice statements, a case study showing how the best practice was implemented, and an interactive exercise that provides you an opportunity to conduct a self-assessment of your own practices and benchmark your results against other GFOA member peers. 


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