Is it Time to Rethink Property Taxes?

The property tax is the most important local source of revenue for cities, counties, schools, and many types of special districts. It’s also extremely unpopular. Given the high revenue the property tax generates and the low regard in which it is held, substantial benefits would result from improving the tax. But before we get to how we might improve the tax, we should address a natural question: if the property tax is so reviled, why not “rethink” having a property tax at all?

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Photo of Rob Roque.

Remembering Rob Roque

It is with sadness that we announce that Rob Roque, GFOA's Technology Services Manager, died unexpectedly July 13 on his way home from GFOA’s 118th Annual Conference in Orlando. For over 26 years, Rob helped lead GFOA’s Research and Consulting Center, providing guidance, advocacy, encouragement, education, and consulting services for hundreds of state and local governments working through ERP system selection and implementation.

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Photo of Standing Committee Meeting.

Apply to Serve on a GFOA Standing Committee

Leading in these unprecedented times is now more important than ever for public finance officers. An excellent opportunity for GFOA members to contribute their experience and knowledge to the entire membership is by serving on a standing committee. GFOA's six standing committees typically meet twice each year and develop best practices, advisories, and policy statements for the approval of the Executive Board and membership. The application deadline is July 26.

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Image of Government Finance Review cover from June.

What's in the June issue of Government Finance Review?

This month's magazine highlights rethinking property taxes, sharpening budget strategies, better coordination between finance and procurement, ERP insights, members spotlights and much more.

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CPFO Spotlight

Photo of Ross McCarthy.

Ross McCarthy

Ross McCarthy, CPA, CPFO, CFE, is controller for the City of Almeda, California. Dean Smith, CPFO, is debt management specialist for the City of Columbus, Ohio. Ross' CPFO journey strengthened his understanding of public finance areas in which he doesn't often venture. "On top of that, I was impressed with all the presenters and their vast knowledge of the subject matter discussed. While I am not quite there, the CPFO designation has given me courage and desire to learn and further explore the many complexities of public finance," he says.

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The mission of the GFOA LGBTQIA+ Caucus is to stand for the equitable representation and participation of LGBTQIA+ financial professionals in the financial management of governments in the United States and Canada. This mission will be accomplished by publicly highlighting the governmental contributions of LGBTQIA+ financial management professionals; educating the public and the financial management profession about LGBTQIA+ people; and advocating for the equality of opportunity for LGBTQIA+ financial management professionals to participate in and contribute to governments in the United States and Canada.

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