GFOA's Certified Public Finance Officer Program

The next step as you prepare for leadership positions in state and local government.

GFOA's Certified Public Finance Officers (CPFO) program is designed to prepare individuals for leadership positions in state and local governments by enhancing fundamental skills and increasing knowledge of best practices and standards in public finance. Individuals will be equipped to participate in decision-making efforts related to their government and community and lead projects and professionals in a substantive and significant manner.

The CPFO program supports the core beliefs of GFOA, including ethics, leadership and competencies in various finance matters and recognize members who have made the commitment to both obtain necessary knowledge and skills and remain current with industry best practices. The program encourages ongoing participation in and knowledge of GFOA’s resources including best practices, publications, training, conferences, member networking groups, and partnerships with other organizations to prepare members to better serve their governments and communities.

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For more information on the CPFO program, please contact Eric Roach.