Employment Resources for Finance Officers

Local governments officials continually rank the ability to recruit qualified finance officers and difficult in filling vacant positions as some of the most significant challenges facing their organizations. At the same time, GFOA has long worked to encourage finance officers to take more of a leadership role within their organization. To help promote both goals, GFOA has developed a series of resources focused on assisting finance officers find open positions and helping local governments recruit for leadership positions, necessary skills for the finance office, and begin preparing the next generation of finance officers.

Resources for Job Seekers

Model Employment Agreement

Resources for Employers

Well run governments and finance offices not only employ best practices in accounting, budgeting, debt management, and other financial topic areas, they also work to recruit talented individuals, develop employees, encourage professional growth, and maintain an engaged workforce. GFOA has released several resources on recruiting, professional development, and organizational culture to help improve your organization as a workplace.