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What is GAAFR Plus?

Purchasers of the electronic GAAFR can subscribe to GAAFR Plus. By subscribing to GAAFR Plus, you will get access to publication updates to GFOA's Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting (GAAFR or "Blue Book") as they become available throughout the year and an updated e-book annually.


How do I subscribe?

Purchase the electronic GAAFR here. Purchasers of the electronic GAAFR can then sign up for an annual subscription of GAAFR Plus for the following fee:

  • $65 for GFOA members (government)
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Release Schedule

How frequently are chapters updated?

GFOA will update chapters as required by changes in accounting standards. We plan on providing three to four updates per year. Prior to any update, GFOA will announce release dates and chapters below.

Which chapters have been updated?

Since launching GAAFR Plus in mid 2020, GFOA has released three updates. The following table provides a listing of all updates since the original publication of the GAAFR.

Update Number

Date Released




2020 Edition Supplement #1


20 – Postemployment Benefits

Topics reorganized to reflect the various types of postemployment benefit plan.

Incorporated the pension and OPEB note disclosures from Chapter 30.

Expanded note disclosure content to include all requirements for:

  • all types of trusted defined benefit plan,
  • all non-trusted defined benefit and defined contribution plans, and
  • nonemployer contributors.

Added accounting and financial reporting for nongovernmental cost-sharing plans.

2020 Edition Supplement #1


30 – Detailed Note Disclosures

SBITAs, PPPs, AROs, Debt refundings, and extinguishments

Removed pension and OPEB note disclosures (moved to Chapter 20).

Added note disclosures for:

  • subscription-based information technology arrangements,
  • public-private and public-public partnerships and availability payment arrangements,
  • in-substance defeasance of debt using only existing resources, and
  • minority share asset retirement obligations.

2020 Edition Supplement #1


36 – Pension and OPEB Plan Reporting

Notes to the financial statements, Actuarial section, Statistical section, Other recommendations from the GFOA.

Expanded plan note disclosure requirements.

Expanded requirements for actuarial section.

2020 Edition Supplement #2


25A – LIBOR Transition

LIBOR Transition

A supplementary chapter which provides guidance for governments transitioning their reference rate(s) from an interbank offering rate, including LIBOR.

2020 Edition Supplement #3


26A – Leases, Public-Private and Public-Public Partnerships and Availability Payment Arrangements, and Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements

Leases, Public-Private and Public-Public Partnerships and Availability Payment Arrangements, and Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements

New chapter which explains accounting for leases, PPPs, and SBITAs, including defining the terms of the agreements, the assets, liabilities, deferred inflows and outflows of resources, and inflows and outflows of resources recognized for each type of arrangement.

2020 Edition Supplement #4


12 – Asset and Liability Recognition and Measurement in Governmental

Accounting for anticipation notes

Illustrative journal entries for receipt and repayment of revenue/tax anticipation note. Expanded discussion of bond anticipation notes with Illustrative journal entries for issuance and refunding of bond anticipation note

Which chapters are planned for updates?

The following chapters are currently being prepared for release.

Update Number

Expected Release




Viewing GAAFR Plus

How do I access the updated content?

When released, updates to chapters are available as "mini" e-books and available through GFOA's Adobe platform as a secured PDF file.