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What is GAAFR Plus?

Purchasers of the electronic GAAFR can subscribe to GAAFR Plus. By subscribing to GAAFR Plus, you will get access to publication updates to GFOA's Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting (GAAFR or "Blue Book") as they become available throughout the year and an updated e-book annually.


How do I subscribe?

Purchase the electronic GAAFR here. Purchasers of the electronic GAAFR will receive an invoice from GFOA where they can then sign up for an annual subscription of GAAFR Plus for the following fee:

  • $65 for GFOA members (government)
  • $85 for GFOA members (private sector)
  • $95 for non-members

Release Schedule

How frequently are chapters updated?

GFOA will update chapters as required by changes in accounting standards. We plan on providing three to four updates per year. Prior to any update, GFOA will announce release dates and chapters below.

Update Number

Release Date




2022 eGAAFR Supplement #1

September 2022

Chapter 28 Amendment

Supplement to the Compensated Absences

This supplement to the 2022 eGAAFR  is to supplement and eventually replace the compensated absences topic discussed in Chapter 28 for governments that implemented GASB Statement No. 101, Compensated Absences.

2022 eGAAFR Supplement #2

December 2022

Amendments to Chapters 8 and 30

Direct Changes to Net Position/Fund Balance and Related Note Disclosures

This supplement to the 2022 eGAAFR is to supplement and eventually replace the direct changes to net position topic discussed in Chapter 8 and the note disclosures for accounting changes in Chapter 30 for governments that implemented GASB Statement No. 100, Accounting Changes and Error Corrections.

2022 eGAAFR Supplement #3

March 2023

Implementation Guidance Exposure Draft

Viewing GAAFR Plus

How do I access the updated content?

When released, updates to chapters are available as "mini" e-books and available through GFOA's Adobe platform as a secured PDF file.

GAAFR Technical Advisory Board

Click here to view the GAAFR Technical Advisory Board. These board members provide expert advice related to GAAFR publications.