Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting (GAAFR) | 2024 Blue Book

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What's new since the 2020 GAAFR:

  • Updates for 10 GASB Statements issued since the 2020 GAAFR, including: Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITAs), Public-Private and Public-Public Partnerships and Availability Payment Arrangements (PPPs), Accounting Changes and Error Corrections, and Compensated Absences
  • New chapter dedicated to leases, SBITAs, and PPPs (Chapter 26) with expanded discussion of the accounting for each arrangement, including determining the terms (length) of the agreements and measuring assets, liabilities, deferred inflows and outflows of resources, and inflows and outflows of resources recognized for each type of arrangement
  • A new chapter on the internal control component Information and Communication (Chapter 42)
  • A new discussion of pledged revenues not received by the pledging government has been added to Chapter 28

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This edition has been updated to incorporate all GASB guidance through GASB Statement No. 101, as well as GFOA’s current best practices on accounting, auditing, and financial reporting.

The GAAFR serves as a comprehensive introduction to public sector accounting and auditing for experienced finance professionals new to state and local government; a practical guide for new staff; a reference tool for accounting and auditing staff; and a textbook for college-level classes on governmental accounting, auditing, and financial reporting.

This edition also includes the use of illustrative journal entries, exercises and explanation of answers, and citations to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Codification.

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