Research and Consulting Center

GFOA’s Research and Consulting Center (RCC) is nationally recognized for its analytical and advisory services, as well as for research on issues specific to state and local government. RCC has built a reputation as the unparalleled leader in the field of providing objective, independent advice for ERP procurement and implementation projects focusing on business process improvement, governance, and serving as an advocate for best practices in financial, human resource, procurement, payroll and operational management. GFOA also provides services related to long-term financial planning, financial policy development, and analysis of reserve levels using a risk-based approach. In addition, RCC staff leads GFOA’s Financial Foundations Framework, coordinates the Alliance for Excellence in School Budgeting, produces Government Finance Review, staffs many of GFOA’s committees and training programs, and completes practitioner-based research on topics related to budgeting practices, financial leadership, ethics, and financial transparency.

Since beginning operations in 1977, the RCC has assisted hundreds of cities, counties, public utilities; and other forms of government to create best practice solutions to meet their unique challenges. Together with its practitioner-focused, highly skilled staff and unparalleled access to the profession of public management, GFOA leverages its member network, ongoing research initiatives and lessons learned from our past consulting engagements to each new project. As a not-for-profit membership association, our mission-driven orientation means that we place your government's success above all else.

ERP Advisory Services

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Organizational Readiness
  • ERP Market Analysis
  • RFP and Requirements Development
  • Vendor Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
  • ERP Implementation Oversight
  • Post-Project Best Practice Review

Financial Policy Development

  • Risk Factor Assessments
  • Reserve Level Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Policy Proposals for Long-Term Reserve Health

Best Practice Advocacy

  • Organizational Assessments
  • Performance Management
  • Process Improvement


GFOA Research Reports


GFOA Research Programs

The Financial Foundations Framework helps facilitate collaboration and support for public policies and programs. Organized into five pillars, the Framework shows you how to improve your financial position now and create a strong foundation for a thriving community over the long-term.

 The Alliance for Excellence in School Budgeting is an early adopter group of 90-plus school districts working on implementing GFOA's Best Practices in School Budgeting. A part of the Smarter School Spending initiative, the Alliance first met in 2015 and includes a diverse group of districts from across the United States. Member districts range in size from several hundred students to several hundred thousand students, representing a broad range of student performance and other key demographics as well.

Meet the RCC Team

The Research and Consulting consists of subject matter experts, leaders, and program managers that support many of GFOA's services.


Join the RCC Team

If you are interested in joining the RCC team, we are looking for current public finance practitioners, consultants, and others interested in process improveent, public finance best practice, and working to improve local government.  Positions are availabe in GFOA's Chicago office.


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