FINE(ance) Fridays

This series takes listeners "beyond the numbers" and dives into how GFOA members got to where they are today. New podcasts are released each Friday on your favorite podcasting platforms.

Each FINE(ance) Fridays podcast features a candid conversation with a GFOA member. We talk about their life's journey and the important people that helped shape their path through a successful career in public finance. In their pursuit of building stronger communities and fiscal responsibility, you begin to see patterns emerge: a hardworking drive, a dedication to safeguarding public funds, a willingness to share and pass their success on to others, all with a good sense of humor.

You can listen to FINE(ance) Fridays on many podcasting platforms. Subscribe and you'll get notified each time a new episode is released. Available platforms include: Apple, Anchor, Google, and Spotify.

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