Training Catalog

GFOA offers courses on a variety of topics relevant to finance officers. Courses are offered both in-person and virtually and taught by GFOA staff, public-sector practitioners, and subject-matter experts.

Recordings of non-accounting courses can be accessed on the Learning Management System (LMS) for one year after the completion of the course.

Recordings of accounting courses will be available for 90 days after the completion of the course.

Additional Courses

Compensation and Benefit Courses


ERP and Technology Courses


Procurement Courses


GFOA also offers the following immersion courses. Each course is a multi-day intensive session.

Explanation of Course Types

Group-Live Courses - GFOA group live courses are offered in different locations throughout the United States on a monthly basis. Courses are taught by GFOA staff, public sector practitioners, or other subject-matter experts and feature lecture, discussion, interactive exercises, and networking opportunities.

eLearning - GFOA eLearning/virtual training courses are multiple day educational seminars focused on core topics. Most group-live courses offer a virtual alternative for potential students unable to travel.

Internet Seminars/Webinars - GFOA internet seminars are short educational events (webinars).

Networking Event - Typically held online, but occasionally offered in-person. A networking event provide the opportunity to interact with fellow attendees in a more informal setting. Generally facilitated by one of GFOA's Affinity Groups.