Accounting Courses

GFOA offers a number of different training courses covering essential topics of accounting.

The courses listed below are offered at least one time per year. Additional internet training courses may be added for current topics.

Please check the events calendar for a list of courses that are currently available for registration.

Group Live Courses / e-Learning Courses

Webinar Courses

“Basic” level classes that fall within the accounting, auditing, and financial reporting topic assume that all participants have a fundamental understanding of double-entry accounting (e.g., debits and credits, normal account balances), elements of financial statements (e.g., assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses), and broad categories of financial statements (e.g., position statements and operating statements). Participants who have current knowledge equivalent to those who have recently passed a college-level accounting class will meet these criteria.

Recordings of accounting courses will be available on the GFOA Learning Management System for 90 days after the completion of the course.