Accounting and Financial Reporting

Government Accounting Intensive Series

Course Overview


Advanced Governmental Accounting




GFOA’s Accounting Academy, Government Accounting Intensive Series, or an equivalent program.

Field of Study

Accounting (Governmental)





This seminar is designed to provide participants with a solid working knowledge of specialized accounting and financial reporting used by state and local governments for selected topics through lecture, discussion, and exercises.

Learning Objectives

Those who successfully complete this series should gain a basic understanding of the appropriate governmental accounting and financial reporting related to:

  • Investments and derivative instruments
  • Grants
  • Joint ventures, majority equity interests, and similar arrangements
  • Sales and pledges of receivables and future revenues
  • Government combinations and transfer of operations
  • Risk financing
  • Fiduciary activities
  • Common reporting deficiencies found in annual comprehensive financial reports
  • Irrevocable split interest agreements
  • Government-wide financial statements, and conversions and consolidations
  • Environmental obligations- Landfills, pollution remediation, and asset retirement obligations
  • Internal control

Who Will Benefit

CFO/Finance Director, Controller, Accountant