Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting

  • Financial and cost accounting
  • Interim and annual financial reporting 
  • Internal control and financial auditing  

Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Operating and capital budgeting 
  • Financial forecasting 
  • Multi-year budgeting 
  • Long-range financial planning 
  • Revenue and cost analysis 
  • Fiscal trend monitoring

Capital Finance and Debt Administration

  • Capital financing techniques such as municipal bonds and lease-financing 
  • Debt planning, issuance, and control 
  • Creative uses of debt finance

Economic Development and Capital Planning

  • Projects that have been completed and show a positive demonstrated economic impact 
  • Economic development planning, policies, and procedures that provide groundwork for future economic development initiatives

e-Government and Technology 

  • Citizen portals and links to back-office systems 
  • Constituent relationship management 
  • E-commerce and e-procurement
  • Inter-jurisdictional cooperation on systems 
  • Data warehousing and business intelligence 
  • Technology for budgeting 
  • Innovative system procurement and contracting methods 
  • Implementation methodology 
  • Change management programs (e.g., training, end-user documentation)

Management and Service Delivery

  • Innovative service delivery (e.g., privatization, vouchers, franchises) 
  • Purchasing, risk management, and grants administration 
  • Quality and productivity tools relevant to finance officers 
  • Performance measurement

Pensions and Benefits

  • Retirement and health benefits and other employment and postemployment benefits such as family leave, childcare, and wellness programs  


Treasury and Investment Management

  • Public funds investing policies and practices 
  • Cash forecasting, monitoring, and control