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Digital Government: Creating the Social Media Game Plan
By planning carefully and understanding what they want and need from their social media outlets, organizations can improve transparency, save money, and provide a valuable service.
Spencer Stern and Patrick Ibarra

Managing Change in ERP Projects / Dave Melbye Change management is a crucial component of any large project, especially for technology-based initiatives such as ERP – yet ERP project teams often miss the mark in implementing solid and effective change management programs.

Cutting IT Costs: Distinguishing between Necessary and Discretionary
Using selection criteria based on your organization’s character goals will help you determine which IT initiatives to pursue now and which can wait.
Louis J. Boglioli III

Making Sense of Cloud Computing in the Public Sector
Cloud computing’s promise of lower costs provides a major incentive in the current economy, despite lingering concerns about security.
Eva Olsaker

A Primer on IT Consolidation
Jurisdictions that are considering consolidation need to evaluate the overall cost benefits, along with the anticipated impact on the departments that would be included.
Nadeen Biddinger