Articles In The Latest Issue: February 2012

Building More Effective Delivery of Economic Development Projects Februaru Cover Image
Given the huge expense associated with economic development and the limited government resources to pay for it, elected and appointed government officials, business leaders, and citizens need to search for alternatives that will effectively deliver economic and community development at a lower cost.
Daniel Bliss

Fostering Economic Vitality amid a New Economic Reality: Douglas County, Nevada
Needing to combat the reality of being a rural community in a state with one of the most battered economies in the country, Douglas County used an unusual process to develop and implement a plan that has provided rapid, measureable, and, in some cases, astounding results.
Lisa Granahan and Karen Craig

Resiliency, Competitiveness, and Innovation in Arlington, Virginia
Arlington, Virginia, is emerging from the great recession of 2008 in much better shape than many U.S. cities in the United States. The city credits its commitment to “placemaking” and nurturing long-term economic sustainability, which diversify the economic base.
Darrene Hackler

Managing Urban Growth Responsibly
Jurisdictions that choose to pursue a strategy of responsible managed growth might find that the process is revenue-neutral or even generates revenue, without creating unhealthy conditions for citizens. Growth needs to be subject to fiscal impact analysis, and governments should adopt policies to ensure that new growth is revenue positive.
Mark Gilbert and Brian LeBlanc

Risk Management: Achieving the Value Proposition
Risk can be managed to make use of strategic opportunities and support process improvements. In fact, as the economic situation requires managers to be more creative in dealing with budget issues, risk can be an important tool, since risk and innovation are inextricably linked.
Paul Wallis