Articles In This Month's Issue: June 2006

Moving to Performance-Based Management GFR June 2006 Cover

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Rather than reporting performance results, performance-based management is focused on linking performance measurement to strategic planning and using the results as a lever for cultural change. By creating learning environments in which performance measures are regularly reviewed and discussed, organizations can improve the rapidity of learning and decision making, improve performance, and facilitate broader cultural change.
Christinia Altmayer


The Voices of the People: Missing Links in Performance Measurement and Management

This article demonstrates the usefulness of listening to the way the public judges governmental performance as you develop, review, produce, and report  performance measures. It also cautions that failing to involve the public in  performance measurement and reporting can lead to dissonance between government and its public and misalignment of government programs.
Barbara J. Cohn Berman


Communicating Performance: Working with Bellevue's Residents to Develop Meaningful Measures

The City of Bellevue, Washington, regularly communicates with its citizens and other stakeholders using a short set of performance metrics called “Bellevue Vital Signs” to inform residents and other stakeholders about the city’s performance.
Jan Hawn and Rich Siegel 


A "MAP" Approach to Performance Management in Local Government

How do local government officials move their organizations from adoption to implementation of performance  measurement? This article presents the mission, assessment, and performance (MAP) approach to a successful  performance management system in local government.
William C. Rivenbark and Dale J. Roenigk


Nine Habits of Effective Data-Driven Performance Management

Data-driven performance management programs elevate accountability for  results to the same status as accountability for spending. This article provides the  nine best practices governments should  put in place to launch an effective program.
Karla Pierce


Getting in a Rut:Why Performance Management Fails

This article is designed to introduce the six ruts that trap our progress as we move forward with our performance management initiatives.
Kevin Baum