Articles In This Month's Issue: October 2004

Budgeting for Outcomes:Delivering Results Citizens Want at a Price They Are Willing to Pay GFr October 2004 Cover
The traditional government budget is not organized to deliver results to citizens; it is organized to deliver dollars to agencies, departments, and other governments. Budgeting for Outcomes turns the traditional budget process on its head, shifting the focus from cuts to keeps.
David Osborne and Peter Hutchinson

Translating Strategy into Results: Public Sector Applications of the Balanced Scorecard

Although the Balanced Scorecard approach to performance management was originally developed for the private sector, more and more governments are adapting this model to their needs. Learn how two very different entities are using the Balanced Scorecard to measure their progress toward achieving strategic objectives.
Kim Eagle, Theodore C. Cooke and Terri Sue C. Rossi

Top 10 Performance Measurement Dos and Don’ts

Too many performance measurement programs fail to live up to expectations or get derailed altogether because of poor execution. Learn about the most common tips and traps so that your performance measurement program becomes a meaningful management tool, not just another passing fad.
Sasha Page and Chris Malinowski

Security without Collateralization: How a Banking Innovation is Simplifying the Process of Safeguarding Public Deposits

Tired of the inconvenience of managing collateral or spreading your deposits among several financial institutions to safeguard your funds? Governments can now obtain up to $5 million in federal deposit insurance at one bank through a new service called the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service.
Mark Jacobsen

Debt Capacity Analysis for Local Governments

GFOA recommends that government “issuers undertake an analysis of their debt capacity prior to issuing bonds.” This article presents a methodology for analyzing existing debt burdens and the potential impact of future debt issuance on a government’s long-term financial strength.
Jeff McElravy and Leo Yonghong Liang