Articles In This Month's Issue: June 2004

Project Evaluation for Public-Private Partnerships: Aligning Development with Strategic Goals in Virginia Beach GFR June 2004 cover
To ensure that investments in economic development are consistent with its vision and goals, the City of Virginia Beach has developed a set of guidelines for evaluating projects that has helped the city improve key economic indicators.
Patricia Phillips, Robert Scott, and Nancy Leavitt

Risk and Reality in Public Headquarters Hotel Development

Publicly financed convention center hotels have been billed as a must-have for cities seeking to attract additional convention business. However, the experiences of several cities suggest that public hotel developments often fail to live up to expectations.
Heywood Sanders

Managing the Capital Planning Cycle: Best Practice Examples of Effective Capital Program Management

Fiscal stress, aging infrastructure, population changes, and technology have placed increasing pressure on limited capital funds. Learn about how public agencies of all shapes and sizes are excelling in one or more phases of the capital planning cycle.
Nicole Westerman 

Managing Major Capital Projects: Lessons Learned from Milwaukee’s 3rd District Police Station and Data Communications Center

Standard budgeting and project management techniques often fall short during major capital undertakings, leading to scope expansion, cost overruns, and delays. Policies and procedures such as the ones adopted by the City of Milwaukee can improve the prospects for success.
Michael Daun

Greasing the Skids: How Federal Lending Programs Can Move Your Transportation Projects Forward

Transportation plays a critical role in economic development by facilitating the movement of goods and services. Federal lending programs offer local project sponsors the diversity of options and the financial flexibility to see their transportation projects to completion.
Robena Reid