Articles In This Month's Issue: February 2003

Performance Measure Certification in Maricopa County GFR February 2003 cover
A key component of Maricopa County’s managing for results initiative, performance measure certification is inspiring confidence in the reliability of reported performance information.
Ross L. Tate

Inflation-Indexed Bonds: A Primer for Finance Officers

The hedging and diversification features of inflation-indexed bonds makes this relatively new investment instrument
worth considering for public investors.
Margaret Stumpp and Robert Tipp

Financing Energy Efficiency Projects

Postponing the installation of energy saving equipment can be an expensive decision. This article shows how the cost
savings resulting from increased energy efficiency can be used to finance the needed equipment.
Neil Zobler and Katy Hatcher 

Are State and Local Revenue Systems Becoming Obsolete?

The economy's changing structure is threatening the revenue productivity of state and local government tax systems.
Robert Tannenwald

The Unfunded Mandate Reform Act: Working Well for No Good Reason

Despite relatively weak procedural requirements and several loopholes, the Unfunded Mandate Reform Act is proving to be an effective impediment.
Janet M. Kelly

Tackling Rising Health Care Costs

Exploding health care costs are exacerbating the budget difficulties of state and local governments. While there are no quick fixes, governments can pursue a number of strategies to address the systematic causes of health care inflation.
Sanford M. Barth